Yarimikan Onsen Review by a Takayama Local Yusuke!

Hi guys, this is Yusuke, the owner of Japanestay Takayama Hotels in Takayama.

Today, I visit Yarimikan Onsen (hot spring) in Shinhotaka, and would like to share the experience with you!

What is Yarimikan?

It is a high class Ryokan in Shinhotaka region. Their Onsen is open to public during 10 am – 2 pm.

Yarimikan (English Page)

Below is the location on Google Map.

Outdoor Onsen in Nature.

Yarimikan has many outdoor Onsen.

All of them are atmospheric!

Today, I try the best of all, “Yarimi no Yu” Onsen.

Which Onsen is available depends on the day. If you have a preferred one, it is better to check with them in advance. (If you are staying at my hotel, I would be happy to help out!)

Today I am able to take here all by myself.

Recommended? Pros and Cons of Yarimikan

As for the Onsen itself, Yarimikan’s Onsen is one of the best in Shinhotaka. The view there is fantastic.

On the other hand, their Onsen is only open during 10 am – 2 pm. And their closed days vary, which is a bit hassle for overseas travelers to fit it in their itinerary.

In conclusion, if your main purpose to visit Shinhotaka is to enjoy Onsen, Yarimikan is worth working your schedule around it.

If your main purpose is something else, such as to visit Shinhotaka Ropeway, I personally recommend Hirayou no Mori Onsen for the convenience.

Screenshot of hirayunomori.co.jp

Hope this helps!

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