Eat Hida Beef on a Budget! Affordable and Delicious Tips in Hida Takayama, Recommended by a Local Hotel

If you’ve come to Hida Takayama, trying Hida beef is a must!

It’s something many visitors consider when exploring this charming destination. However, doesn’t Hida beef sound a bit pricey? Especially when you’re already spending on travel and souvenirs, indulging in high-end Hida beef might strain your wallet.

But fear not! We, Japanestay Takayama, a local hotel in Hida Takayama, are here to reveal the tips for savoring delectable Hida beef without burning a hole in your pocket!

We’ll share exclusive local insights that only a hometown hotel like ours knows.


1. Hida Beef Starting from ¥700!? “Hida Kotteushi”

One fantastic way to savor affordable and delicious Hida beef in Hida Takayama is by grabbing a bite at “Hida Kotteushi”.

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Located in the famous “Old Town” of Takayama, “Kotteushi” specializes in Hida beef nigiri sushi. Don’t underestimate the ¥700 price tag, as it features A5-ranked rare cuts for the sushi topping and locally-produced “Hitomebore” rice. Being a certified Hida beef restaurant, you can confidently enjoy scrumptious Hida beef at an affordable price.

Sample menu items include—

Hida Beef Nigiri Sushi, 2 pieces for ¥700

For ¥700, you get one piece each with salt and soy sauce. This is our top recommendation.

Hida Beef Gunkan Sushi, 2 pieces for ¥800

Gunkan refers to sushi wrapped in seaweed. While it’s delicious, we recommend trying the nigiri for a more authentic taste of Hida beef’s natural flavors.

Assorted Platter with Hida Beef Nigiri, Hida Beef Gunkan, 3 pieces for ¥1000

For those who want to try a bit of everything, this menu is a great choice.

Hida Beef Toro Sashi Nigiri (using highly marbled cuts) with Wasabi Soy Sauce and Green Onion, 2 pieces for ¥1000

Fatty tuna nigiri. However, as Hida beef is naturally rich in fat, this might feel a bit heavy on the stomach. If you want something simple, our top recommendation is still the “Hida Beef Nigiri Sushi”!

Here’s where you can find Kotteushi.

If you’re eager to experience A5-ranked Hida beef without breaking the bank, “Hida Kotteushi” is a must-visit!

*Please note that there might be lines, especially on weekends and holidays.”

2. 70% Cheaper Than Restaurants! “Maruaki Hida Takayama Store”

The second method to enjoy delicious Hida beef affordably in Hida Takayama is to buy from Maruaki Butcher Shop and Dine at Your Accommodation!

Link:Maruaki Hida Takayama Store

Did you know that the cost ratio for restaurants is said to be around 30%? In other words, if you spend ¥10,000 at a restaurant for Hida beef, the cost price of that meat is approximately ¥3,000.

Considering cost-effectiveness, buying Hida beef at a butcher shop for around ¥3,000 and enjoying it with family or friends in the comfort of your hotel is much more affordable and economical.

Speaking of the most famous butcher shop in Hida Takayama, it’s Maruaki. It’s renowned as a local favorite meat shop.

“But hotels with kitchens are not common, and if they have one, they must be expensive, right?” you might think.

Well, it’s a bit of self-promotion, but our hotel, ‘Japanestay Takayama,’ has fully equipped kitchens in all rooms.

We provide frying pans, salt, pepper, and seasonings as well. Despite that, the price range at Japanestay is comparable to business hotels or even more affordable for two or more people.

We also offer a rental service for cassette stoves and pots, so you can enjoy not only grilling but also hot pot dishes.

In our honest opinion at Japanestay, the best way to savor Hida beef affordably is to make a simple shabu-shabu hot pot and eat it with ponzu sauce!

So, if you want to enjoy Hida beef on a budget, buying from Maruaki Hida Takayama Store and cooking it in the hotel is highly recommended.

By the way, here is the location of Maruaki Hida Takayama Store. Japanestay is conveniently located, so you can reach Maruaki in just a one-minute walk.

3. If you have a car, save even more! “Niku no Takumaya Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center”

If you’re exploring Hida Takayama with your own car or a rental, a highly recommended option is the Niku no Takumaya Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center!

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Link:Niku no Takumaya Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center

This center is operated by a local Hida beef wholesaler.

Typically, the distribution of Hida beef involves producers, wholesalers, and retailers, each step adding to the cost. However, at the Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center, you can buy directly from the wholesaler, allowing you to acquire Hida beef at a more affordable price.

Additionally, as the center is located away from tourist spots, it can keep fixed costs and rent low, passing the savings on to customers. (Note that having a car is essential to reach the center.)

Here’s a glimpse of the exterior of the Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center.

Inside, it truly lives up to its name as a dedicated meat shop, with a dense display of various meats.

For those seeking particularly delicious cuts, the showcase in front of the counter is recommended.

By the way, here’s where you can find Niku no Takumaya Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center.

In conclusion, the third method is “Buy from Niku no Takumaya Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center and Dine at Your Accommodation.” This is especially recommended for those driving a car!

Recap: How to Enjoy Affordable and Delicious Hida Beef in Hida Takayama

Above are three recommended methods for enjoying affordable and delicious Hida beef in Hida Takayama. To recap:

  1. Enjoy Hida beef at Kotteushi’s nigiri sushi.
  2. Buy Hida beef from Maruaki and dine at your accommodation.
  3. Extend your trip to Niku no Takumaya Hida Beef Wholesale Processing Center.

Despite its high price image, with the right tips, you can savor tasty and affordable meat!

By the way, our hotel, Japanestay Takayama, offers kitchens in all rooms as mentioned in this article, along with other unique benefits not found in other hotels. If you’re curious about these benefits, be sure to check out our website!

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