Takayama Travel Tips

10 things to do in Takayama! Written by a Takayama Local.

So you are coming to Takayama, and searching for what to do? Well, you came to the right place! I am Yusuke Nasu, a local living in Takayama town, who also runs several accommodations in Takayama. And today, I will introduce 10 Best places to visit in Takayama! No.1 Morning Market So what is the best way to start a day in Takayama? I say in the morning markets. The morning markets in Takayama takes 2 different places. One is in front of Takayama Jinya, where they typically sell local food such as fruits, vegetables, and rice. The other is along the Miyagawa River. Here, they mainly sell souvenirs. If […]

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Published on: December 4, 2019  -  Filed under: Takayama Travel Tips

TAKAYAMA Travel Guide – How to go, What to do & Eat

If you are coming to Takayama, this article will help you have the best experience in the city!

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